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As the name recommends, you can unfasten the external cover and swap it with another according to your preferences. Libratone Zipp is known for its dependable battery control. It accompanies WIFI capacities empowering Spotify Connect and AirPlay usefulness. You can likewise stream live radio with it. The most amazing component of Libratone Zipp is that it accompanies a USB port which you can use to charge your mobiles. With respect to the sound quality, it gives 360 degrees sound from 5 drivers which expands the bass and gives top notch sound yield.

Best Traveler Bluetooth Speaker For Mac

Bayan Audio SoundBook Go

Best Bluetooth Speakers for Mac

Bayan Audio SoundBook Go is a voyager's closest companion. It is little, compact and durable so you can convey it to places with you. Its outline gives assurance to the front punctured grille, a shrewd decision when you go voyaging. Bayan Audio SoundBook Go likewise has a fantastic remote gathering. The best thing separated from its little size and conveyability is its planned cost. It has a decent sound yield for a minimal and moderate Bluetooth Speaker. It runs well with your Mac, iPhone or other Apple Products. It sift through the basic tizz and graininess in sound and gives clear and spot-on sound levels.

Best Portable Bluetooth Speaker For Mac

Libratone Too

Best Bluetooth Speakers for Mac

This is another Bluetooth Speaker which is best to travel. Each voyager's go-to item, Libratone Too is minimized, compact and convenient. The state of this speaker is as a tube with round edges. It is known for its durable manufactured and in vogue outline. It is sprinkle verification and separated from its movability, it has a considerable measure to offer with regards to plan. This speaker comes at a reasonable cost and furthermore is accessible in 4 shading variations. It adds to its allure and influences the speaker to look more vivacious and energetic.

It has a couple of 1.5 in full range drivers and an inactive driver to add to its fresh solid quality. With 360-degree yield and fresh and clear solid, it is best for open air purposes. It additionally accompanies an amplifier that you can use to make calls. The speaker is lightweight and has a sound hold which settles on it a perfect decision for voyaging.

Best Bluetooth Speaker For Mac With aptX similarity

Cambridge Audio Bluetone 100

Best Bluetooth Speakers for Mac

Cambridge Audio Bluetone 100 works best for indoor purposes. It accompanies the 100 W high power yield and sound quality. It gives out a high stable and a solid, sufficiently bass to fill a live with sound. This is a superb component taking into account its little size. Despite the fact that it isn't sufficiently light for open air purposes, it is truly helpful to be conveyed in the house. Aside from Bluetooth availability, it likewise has two different contributions for Wireless associations.

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Best Bluetooth Speakers For Mac With Great Features

Inventive Sound Blaster Roar Pro

Best Bluetooth Speakers for Mac

The Roar Pro is a smaller Bluetooth Speaker, which is an expansion to the scope of thundering speakers. It can be sufficiently charged to keep going for 8 to 10 hours. Along these lines, deficiency of intensity isn't at all a worry. There are three mid-go drivers give two bass radiators to give a firm and solid high-recurrence sound.

There are some fascinating highlights like the Roar catch which kicks the speaker into overdrive, or the TerraBass catch where you have a superb solid and firm bass yield when you are tuning in to low volumes. Aside from these modes, there are switches for three different modes, to be specific warm, impartial and lively. You can flip between these modes relying upon the sound you are tuning in to. Thunder Pro accompanies a microSD space for you to slip in your memory card which makes it a sweeping and flexible Bluetooth Speaker.

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Best Bluetooth Speaker For Mac Under $150

Edifier MP700

Best Bluetooth Speakers for Mac

The Edifier MP700 is a brilliant and solid Bluetooth Speaker which accompanies a battery-powered battery. This guarantees the speaker goes on for around 8 hours. Edifier MP700 is a minimized and a little overwhelming speaker, inferable from its all-aluminum body. Be that as it may, this packaging additionally shields it from any harm if there should be an occurrence of any knocks while you are voyaging. There is an altering conveying handle in this speaker which additionally bends over as a conveying stand on the off chance that you need to influence the speaker to stand.

Bluetooth is the principle remote association for your Mac however it likewise has an AptX codec for the gadgets that help it. The power yield for this reduced speaker is incredible for up to 36 W. There are 4 drivers present to give a far reaching and wide range sound quality yield. It additionally comprises of a USB port for you to charge your versatile in a hurry. The port is secured with an elastic fold to shield from any sort of residue.
Best Cheap Bluetooth Speakers For Mac

Jabra Solemate Max

Best Bluetooth Speakers for Mac

The Jabra Solemate max has a tough plan and a phenomenal sound quality. The main disadvantage of this Bluetooth Speaker is its substantial weight. Jabra Solemate Max weights an astounding 3 kg. It accompanies a conveying handle. To make up for its substantial weight, it has a powerful battery which makes the speaker keep going for over 14 hours. Along these lines, on the off chance that you are watchful to host a gathering night, this is the best decision for you! Aside from its characterizing battery control, it is to a great degree great on sound as well.

The bass of this speaker is firm and solid. The yield of 90 W guarantees that you can utilize this speaker outside and additionally inside without stressing over the sound reach. You can take the gathering outside with no stresses but have an extraordinary sound punch. It is weatherproof, residue and soil safe.

Best Affordable Bluetooth Speakers For Mac

Denon Envaya Mini

Best Bluetooth Speakers for Mac

Denon Envaya Mini is the trendiest Bluetooth speaker with a minimized size and an in vogue plan. It is made of a metal grille which is the feature of its allure. The closures are made of elastic and the entire body looks like to some degree like a cuboidal tube. It is a strong speaker with only one disadvantage that it weighs 558 g, which is a little on the higher side for a versatile speaker. The clients are content with the sound nature of Denon Envaya Mini which brags of a 40 mm full range drivers and aloof drivers that make the sound quality sound fresh and solid. The sound experience is incredible, the sound delivered by this speaker is by a wide margin the loudest. It additionally accompanies an Apt X association. The battery life is incredible, with an enduring term of 10 hours.

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Best Bluetooth Speaker For Mac With Revolutionary Design

Cowin Ark

Best Bluetooth Speakers for Mac

Cowin Ark is the most fascinating Bluetooth speaker accessible in the market. It comes in two sections. The lower part which bolsters the upper part is known as the Ark and the upper part which is simply the speaker is known as the Cruze. The Cruze over the Ark and the entire set looks nothing not as much as a space-age gadget! It has a battery-powered battery inside it. The Ark deals with attractive innovation and charges the Cruze through it. The sound quality is fantastic, on account of its two speaker drivers and two aloof radiators. On the off chance that utilized with a sound bar, the power yield is sufficient to fill a live with sound.

How We Tested Chromebooks

The perfect Chromebook gives extremely quick web perusing, a screen that can show electronic video content with respectable quality, a console and trackpad that aren't diverting when you're endeavoring to be gainful, a battery that can get you through an entire day, a decent touchscreen for Android applications, and does this in a genuinely versatile bundle. We planned our testing design around this standards, perceiving how well every model could fulfill every single one of these orders.


At the point when conceivable we get a kick out of the chance to utilize objective quantitative estimations in our testing. Accordingly we were drawn towards Octane 2.0, the standard benchmarking test for Chromebooks. Be that as it may, once we ran our benchmarking tests, we understood the outcomes did not coordinate at all with our experience of really utilizing these machines (for additional on this see the following segment). Accordingly we tossed out the benchmarking comes about and detailed our scores around the real execution we encountered when utilizing these PCs, all things considered, situations.

We begun by doing some light perusing opening close to 5 tabs without a moment's delay. In the event that we didn't encounter any slack or expanded load times by then we would begin once again, with our first tab committed to the all the more requesting undertaking of gushing music from Pandora. We would then gradually expand the quantity of tabs, working in a blend of sites and Google reports, until the point when we encountered any slack. On the off chance that we made it to 10 tabs without a perceptible lessening in execution we began once again once more, yet this time spilling music in yet all the more requesting superior quality Youtube music recordings. We at that point alloted relative scores to every one of the models we tried in view of when in that procedure we saw a calculable drop off in execution, either slack, expanded load times, or roughness in the spilled music.

Why Benchmarking Tests Don't Work Well for Chromebooks

For benchmarking, or running a foreordained arrangement of tasks keeping in mind the end goal to survey execution and speed, has been the most ideal approach to contrast one PC and another. Benchmarking tends function admirably for computationally saddling tasks, such as rendering complex illustrations or altering fantastic video. Since Chromebooks concentrate the majority of their consideration on web perusing they extremely just runs the computationally straightforward JavaScript errands identified with surfing the web. Regardless of whether you figure out how to run a computationally exhausting system (like Photoshop) on a Chromebook, odds are all the overwhelming processing is being done on a remote server as opposed to the PC itself. In this way, most benchmarking tests for Chromebooks (counting the Octane 2.0 test that we utilized) just measures a machine's capacity to run this generally essential JavaScript. While one machine may in fact entire these undertaking somewhat quicker than another, you likely won't have the capacity to see it all in all web perusing. Furthermore, these benchmarking test don't impersonate the requests of opening numerous tabs, or basically finishing various basic undertakings on the double, which depends all the more intensely on arbitrary access memory (RAM). We along these lines did not utilize benchmarking scores to rank execution, rather deciding on a more practical, true testing of opening different tabs and taking note of any lagginess that we encountered.

The ASUS Flip was one of the best scorers in our certifiable benchmarking testing yet got the least score from the product benchmark. The Lenovo Ideapad got a standout amongst other scores from the product benchmarking test however was one of the most exceedingly bad entertainers in our genuine testing.

The ASUS Flip was one of the best scorers in our certifiable benchmarking testing, yet got the least score from the product benchmark. The Lenovo Ideapad got a standout amongst other scores from the product benchmarking test, however was one of the most exceedingly bad entertainers in our genuine testing.

Interface and Features

The Chromebook interface basically comes down into three things: touchscreen, console, and trackpad (and a stylus, where pertinent). We assessed the convenience of these two things basically through utilize. Numerous analyzers utilized every one the models we tried for various entire long stretches of composing and hauling recipes around spreadsheets. This gave us a lot of ammo with which to precisely rank the different interface characteristics of each machine.

Dislpay Quality

We assessed based off of relative determination, shading exactness, and complexity proportion. We did this in a one next to the other way, put numerous Chromebooks alongside each other and showing a similar photo or casing from a video on every one of them. This one next to the other picture quality examination is a procedure we are very much polished in, as it was utilized as a part of our projector audit. We likewise surrendered a little knock in scoring for bigger presentations.

Battery Life

In testing battery life we stretched these machines as far as possible. We begun by opening 5 tabs. We at that point wrenches the screen brilliance to the greatest and statrting spilling a 10 hour, 1080p youtube video by means of a wireless association. We at that point let the machines keep running until they kicked the bucket.


Here again we tried movability in reality. We continually tossed Chromebooks into our knapsacks and packs, brought them to and from work, conveyed them to caf├ęs, and utilized them while holding up at the DMV. We assessed how simple it was it slide every one into a completely stuffed sack, and how simple every one could be conveyed when dashing to make a flight. Here littler screens, and hence littler machines, got a knock up in the scoring.