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Checkout Eve's HomeKit Review

Eve Systems, once in the past known as Elgato, has been making its Eve line of HomeKit items since HomeKit was first declared, and it was in truth one of the primary organizations to turn out with HomeKit gadgets.

Eve as of late ventured into lighting, propelling the Eve Flare and the Eve Light Strip. I tried the Eve Light Strip recently, and now that its sister item the Eve Flare has gone to the United States, I thought I'd investigate it to perceive how it measures up to other accessible HomeKit lighting choices.


The Eve Flare is a circle formed LED light that helps me a great deal to remember the white FADO lights from Ikea. I've utilized Ikea's lights for quite a long time with my Hue bulbs, so I expected the Eve Flare's circle molded structure factor to look incredible with shaded and white light indistinguishable and I was not baffled.

Ikea's FADO lights are made of glass with a plastic base, yet the Eve Flare get together is all plastic since it's intended to be compact. A plastic structure makes it lighter weight and more secure to move around than glass. There is a crease that I can feel at the highest point of the Flare where the two parts meet up, however it's not truly noticeable when the light is being used.

There's one level side on the base of the Eve Flare that enables it to sit level on a table and charge on its included charging base. You can utilize the Eve Flare while it's on the base, yet you can likewise lift it up and take it with you outside, in the shower, beside the pool, in the kitchen, or any place else you may need versatile mind-set lighting. It's sort of like the Hue Go with respect to compactness, however the Flare is bigger and not as splendid.

The Eve Flare has great battery life. Eve says that it will keep going for as long as six hours, yet I accept that that is at greatest splendor. I set the splendor to around 40 percent and the Eve Flare endured well more than 24 hours. I took it off the charger at 9:40 a.m. what's more, when I got up the following morning, it was still on. It didn't bite the dust until the following day at 6pm. Battery level can be checked in the Eve application.

Eve planned the Eve Flare to be IP65 water safe, which means it's ready to hold up to multi-directional low-weight water planes for at any rate 15 minutes. This fundamentally implies it very well may be utilized in the downpour, poolside, close to the bath, and in different territories where it may get sprinkled or somewhat wet, yet you're not going to need to submerge it.

I don't really suggest it, yet I took the Eve Flare in the shower to test it a couple of times, and it had no issue with the dampness and sprinkles in there.

The Eve Flare is on the bigger size, which make it somewhat badly arranged to convey, yet at the base, there's a little metal handle you can use for both conveying and hanging the light up on a snare in the event that you need. The handle isn't especially agreeable to hold since it's metal, yet it's durable when hung up on something like one of those 3M glue snares.

There are two physical control catches at the base of the Eve Flare. One for burnning through the hues you have set as top choices in the Eve application and a second for killing the power on and. There are no choices for setting up shading palettes and naturally moving between hues, tragically.

Arrangement and Reliability

While Eve's other lighting item, the Eve Light Strip, associates with HomeKit utilizing WiFi, the Eve Flare utilizes a Bluetooth association. Associating it to HomeKit involved opening up the Eve application, ensuring the light was turned on utilizing the power catch at the base, and after that examining the code. The association is brisk with no WiFi ventures since it's Bluetooth.

I had no issues with the Eve Flare's association while testing it, however I noticed that when controlling the light with the Eve application, there were periodically some deferrals between when I chose a shading and when the shading changed, likely as a result of the Bluetooth association.

I didn't see the equivalent defers when utilizing the Home application or Siri to change the shading when I was near the Eve Flare, however there were a couple of times Siri revealed to me the Eve Flare was inaccessible.

At the point when further away from the Eve Flare, as in another room, it is slower to react over Bluetooth to HomeKit directions and to changes made in the Eve/Home application, however regardless it works. All in all, the Eve Flare was solid and receptive to Siri and application directions, however I'd caution anybody arranging a buy to expect a short postponement to a great extent.

Splendor and Functionality

The Eve Flare is certifiably not a splendid light and it won't almost certainly supplant a customary table light, however it gives decent disposition lighting when you needn't bother with a great deal of light. It's appropriate for a bedside table during the evening, for instance, or as loosening up open air/evening time lighting.

It's intended to be utilized related to different lights as opposed to as an independent light. It's not, for instance, as splendid as my Ikea FADO light with a Hue bulb inside, yet it offers rich, lively hues. It produces exact hues, including purples and blues, which a portion of the Hue bulbs still battle with.

The Eve Flare's hues are soaked and it looks so beautiful on a table that I can pardon the way that it's not excessively splendid. It's additionally significant that it's more brilliant on its charging base than off, something that Eve says is ordinary.

Eve Flare can reproduce most hues precisely, and, truth be told, it can show improvement over Hue bulbs can (particularly more established Hue bulbs), like purple, green, and blue-green shades. Hues look all the more consistent with life and distinctive in dim rooms, however it can likewise be utilized as complement lighting in a sufficiently bright room. I thought it was somewhat feeble on the profound reds and oranges, however in general, the hues are lively and immersion/shade can be balanced with splendor controls.

Eve App

The Eve application is one of the better outsider HomeKit applications that are accessible, with a spotless, natural format that makes it simple to see and control the majority of your accessible HomeKit items. Eve's application is really my go to when I have to accomplish something that I can only with significant effort do in the Home application, similar to see all scenes initially.

There's a primary "At a Glance" screen where you can perceive any favorited items, and afterward there are tabs to scenes and clocks, HomeKit items by room, and HomeKit items by sort, for example, temperature, control, shading, movement, and so on.

For the Eve Flare, there are in-application controls for killing the frill on or, altering the splendor, or changing the shading. There are some straightforward pre-set hues that can be balanced so you can spare your top choices, and there's a simple access shading wheel for picking whatever shading you like.

Notwithstanding modifying the Eve Flare's settings, you can likewise utilize the Eve application to fuse the Eve Flare into HomeKit scenes with other HomeKit items or make mechanizations, for example, having the light set to come on at a specific time or swap to a particular shading at a particular time.

HomeKit Integration

Eve Flare works with HomeKit, so you can incorporate it in HomeKit scenes and computerizations. You can likewise control it with Siri directions, which is something that I frequently do with the Eve lights since I can't control them close by my Hue lights.

I use Siri voice directions for turning the Eve Flare on and off, darkening it, making it more brilliant, and changing its shading. You can make statements like "turn the Eve Flare fuchsia," or "turn the Eve Flare sea green/blue" to change the hues. There are an entire slew of shading alternatives that work with Eve Flare (and comparative lights), with certain models accessible here.

Main concern

Eve Flare looks amazing as a complement light in the home, yet it's costly at $99. It can't exactly supplant a conventional light (except if you wouldn't fret rather diminish lighting), however for mind-set lighting, it's fabulous.

You can get a comparative look with an Ikea FADO light ($25) and a HomeKit-good keen bulb that does hues, and a portion of these bulbs are significantly less expensive. You could most likely get this arrangement for some place around $50 to $60 utilizing a shabby shaded HomeKit bulb, yet the Eve Flare is compact, battery controlled with a long battery life, and water safe, all highlights that make the additional cost justified, despite all the trouble.

In case you're searching for a HomeKit-associated complement light, I don't think you'll lament getting the Eve Flare, yet know this is a Bluetooth light and there can be some slight deferrals accordingly on occasion (by and large when first opening up the application to change the shading after a significant lot of time).

Later on, I think it'd be incredible if Eve included more computerization, for example, a choice to have the Flare go through various shading modes naturally without having to physically change the hues or make muddled HomeKit mechanizations.

Step by step instructions to Buy

Eve Flare can be obtained from or the Eve site for $99.95.