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Samsung Galaxy Tab S6

Apple may have beaten Google in the tablet war, yet Samsung is keeping Android tablets alive. The Korean tech goliath could have quit years prior and concentrated on Chromebooks. Rather, Samsung keeps on putting weight on the iPad by refreshing the lead Galaxy Tab line with energizing new includes.

The Galaxy Tab S6 demonstrates that those endeavors aren't futile. With quick execution, an exceptional plan with incorporated stylus charging, and a brilliant, clear show, the Galaxy Tab S6 checks a great deal of the privilege boxes.

In the event that solitary the separable console adornment were incorporated into its high value, the Galaxy Tab S6 wouldn't simply be an amazing option in contrast to the iPad Pro, yet would likewise be a suitable PC substitution.

Estimating and Configurations

We looked into the base model Galaxy Tab S6, which starts at $649 and has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 SoC, 6GB of RAM and 128GB of capacity.

In the event that you need more stockpiling, you can move up to 256GB for another $80. Samsung incorporates the S Pen with the Galaxy Tab S6 yet the separable BookCover Keyboard sells independently for $179.


The Galaxy Tab S6 is a thin, snappy record that looks just as premium as the iPad Pro.

Despite the fact that the Galaxy Tab S6 is certainly not a gigantic takeoff from the Tab S4, Samsung made a couple of enhancements to the new model. Most prominent is the shallow indent on the back where the attractive S Pen appends. Here, a thin notch charges the stylus and keeps it set up when it's not being used, like how the Apple Pencil joins to the top edge of the iPad Pro.

I discover the charging dock on the Galaxy Tab S6 to be a more rich arrangement than that on the iPad Pro. Notwithstanding, the pen isn't flush with the back of the tablet, so the Galaxy Tab S6 doesn't sit flush on a work area with the S Pen appended.

The coordinating attractive strips on the stylus and tablet are very slender so you must be exact when putting the S Pen on the back spread. The stylus didn't move when I shook the Galaxy Tab S6, yet it flew off when I slid the tablet into the workstation sleeve of my knapsack.

The people at Samsung disclosed to me that the magnet isn't intended for putting away the stylus, yet, rather, for charging when the tablet is being used. Realizing that, we suggest purchasing a stylus holder or the BookCover Keyboard to house the S Pen when you're voyaging.

Beside the S Pen mix, the other plan component that stood apart to me were the Galaxy Tab S6's novel hues. Our survey unit parades a wonderful metallic blue/dark that I haven't seen on any device previously. I presently truly need to perceive how the Mountain Gray and Rose Blush look.

The Galaxy Tab S6 is a thin, a la mode record that looks just as premium as the iPad Pro.

The Galaxy Tab S6 doesn't have a home catch. Rather, thin show bezels encompass its 10.5-inch show. This helps keep the tablet reduced. At 9.6 x 6.3 x 0.2 inches and 0.95 pounds, the Galaxy Tab S6 is littler and lighter than the Apple iPad Air (9.8 x 6.8 x 0.2 inches, 1 pound), the 11-inch iPad Pro (9.7 x 7 x 0.2 inches, 1 pound) and its ancestor, the Galaxy Tab S4 (9.8 x 6.5 x 0.3 inches, 1.1 pounds).

Unfortunately, the Galaxy Tab S6 is the first of its sort to forsake the 3.5mm earphone jack. The main contribution on the tablet is a USB Type-C port on the base edge while control/Bixby and volume catches are on the correct edge.


The Galaxy Tab S6's 10.5-inch, 2560 x 1600-pixel Super AMOLED show can get incredibly splendid and striking.

When I viewed a trailer for the film The Aeronauts, the board was obvious to the point that I could see the sewing in Eddie Redmayne's vest. The red and turquoise-blue hues on the sight-seeing balloon utilized by the film's heroes blasted off the glass, while the green and blue tones of the period dresses were immersed, as though they had never been worn.

The Galaxy Tab S6 has a light that changes the pinnacle splendor of its presentation dependent on how much light is hitting it. In an our faintly lit lab, the screen topped at 290 nits however bounced to 473 nits when we shone an electric lamp at the sensor.

Indeed, even in the most brilliant conditions, the Galaxy Tab S6's board is dimmer than those on the Galaxy Tab S4 (463 nits) and the 11-inch iPad Pro (572 nits). In any case, it outshines the normal tablet (368 nits) and the iPad Air (425 nits).

As indicated by our colorimeter, the Galaxy Tab S6's showcase covers 122% of the sRGB shading array or 192% in distinctive mode. That makes it more bright than the board on the iPad Air (132%) and the 11-inch iPad Pro (112%) yet not exactly as immersed as the Galaxy Tab S4's screen (219%). The tablet class normal is just 108%.

DeX Mode

DeX mode comes back to the Galaxy Tab S6, giving clients a commonplace work area interface for when you need to be increasingly profitable.

In the event that you've utilized a Chromebook or Windows 10 PC, at that point the DeX will look natural. An errand bar is at the base of the showcase and gives you access to open applications just as significant settings, similar to volume, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Rather than projects, Android applications are stuck to the DeX work area. Note, nonetheless, that not all applications are upheld on DeX.

Samsung made a couple of striking upgrades to DeX throughout the years. To begin with, the undertaking bar was broadened so symbols are currently simpler to tap. It's a decent change, however I find exploring the interface is still best finished with the S Pen or touchpad.

Samsung likewise added a DeX hotkey to the BookCover Keyboard with the goal that you can without much of a stretch switch between modes. That procedure begins immediately and the Galaxy Tab S6 switches between Android 9's primary interface and DeX in only seconds.

DeX is a decent answer for transforming an Android tablet into a PC substitution, and I ended up exchanging back to it each time I needed to accomplish more than peruse a site or watch a video.

The principle advantage of DeX over Android 9 is that it gives you a chance to keep different windows open immediately. Along those equivalent lines, DeX additionally supports split-screen for multiple windows (you can open up to 20 windows at the same time). I perused a Chrome tab on the correct portion of the Galaxy Tab S6 while viewing a YouTube video in the upper left and holding notes down in the base left corner.

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I simply wish DeX had let me effectively snap those windows onto the sides of the screen utilizing a key mix or by hauling them into spot. Getting everything arranged can be unnecessarily tedious.

Regardless of certain constraints, DeX is a decent answer for transforming an Android tablet into a PC substitution and I ended up exchanging back to it each time I needed to accomplish more than peruse a site or watch a video.

BookCover Keyboard

The new BookCover Keyboard is a diverse assortment.

At $179, the discretionary console is very costly but then important on the off chance that you need the Galaxy Tab S6 to be your essential gadget.

There are two sections to the BookCover: the console (which presently has a touchpad) and a kickstand spread. The main thing keeping the spread connected to the back of the Galaxy Tab S6 is a slight sticky surface. I found that on the off chance that you don't press the spread hard enough against tablet, it will strip off when you attempt to open the kickstand.

Everything else about the spread is incredible. The finished surface makes it simple to hold the Galaxy Tab S6, and the solid kickstand turns around 120 degrees before the spread flies off. I additionally love that the area covering the S Pen creases down so you can get to the stylus.

The BookCover Keyboard snaps onto the Pogo connector on the left half of the Galaxy Tab S6. At the point when that association is made, the Galaxy Tab S6 quick empowers DeX mode. In the event that you want to remain on the Android interface, don't stress, you can rapidly switch back utilizing a console alternate way (Fn + |).

The console itself is respectable, in spite of the fact that individuals with bigger hands will discover it very confined. The ovular keycaps are little, particularly the small number line, and there's not a ton of room between keys. On a positive note, the keys feel clicky, have not too bad travel (1.1 millimeters) and I had the option to type at my typical speed once I became acclimated to their little size gratitude to their 71 grams of incitation power.

At $179, the discretionary console is very costly but then important in the event that you need the Galaxy Tab S6 to be your essential gadget.

I composed at 108 words for every moment with a 95% exactness rate on the composing test, which is just marginally more slow than my run of the mill 108 wpm at 94% precision.

In spite of the fact that it's little and feels shoddy, the BookCover Keyboard's touchpad gives the Galaxy Tab S6 an advantage over the iPad and is a major advance toward making the Galaxy Tab S6 a genuine workstation substitution.

S Pen

The Galaxy Tab S6's incorporated S Pen stylus is fantastic for drawing or writing down notes.

Utilizing the PENUP application, I had the option to painstakingly shading in a flower example plot with changing line widths, on account of the S Pen's 4,096 degrees of weight affectability.

The pen's edges are level, enabling it to sit flush with the back of the Galaxy Tab S6. The odd shape doesn't make the pen any less agreeable to hold; truth be told, it feels significantly progressively ergonomic. Nonetheless, the pen's lightweight casing may be offputting to the individuals who like the weight of a genuine composition apparatus.

The solitary catch on the S Pen lets you remotely take pictures or play/delay slideshows through Bluetooth association with the tablet. You can likewise remap the catch to open an application or dispatch a S Pen highlight.

Talking about which, when you're utilizing the stylus, a little symbol shows up on the edge of the screen that gives you speedy access to S Pen applications for rapidly observing, drawing over a screengrab or deciphering composed content.

Another real expansion to the new S Pen is called Air activities, an element initially presented on the Galaxy Note arrangement. With Air activities, you can play out specific activities by moving the S Pen through the air.

For instance, I had the option to increase the volume of a YouTube video by long-squeezing the S Pen's capacity catch and swiping upward. The move makes some becoming accustomed to, and I found that it ordinarily takes longer than simply tapping on the glass. The element is likewise constrained to a bunch of applications and fundamental activities.


What an astonishment. I didn't anticipate that a tablet should siphon out such amazing sound. The quad-speakers on the Galaxy Tab S6 are uproarious enough to fill a medium-size stay with clear, exact tunes.

I didn't anticipate that a tablet should siphon out such amazing sound.

When I tuned in to From Indian Lakes' "ULS," the lead artist's quieted vocals were fresh and the electric guitar took off without being puncturing. Indeed, even the electronic rhythms had a pleasant heavy kick to them.


Furnished with the most recent Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 processor and 6GB of RAM, the Galaxy Tab S6 went through my certifiable execution gauntlet easily. The tablet quickly stacked 15 tabs in the Samsung web program and didn't give any indications of easing back when I pulled up a 1080p video in the YouTube application. I at that point changed to Dex mode with the goal that I could pull more program windows. In any case, there wasn't any slack after I stacked eight Chrome tabs with everything else running out of sight.

In spite of the quick execution offered by the new Snapdragon 855 chip, the Galaxy Tab S6 still can't stay aware of Apple's most recent iPads. On the Geekbench 4 by and large execution benchmark, the Galaxy Tab S6 scored a 10,387. That is a pleasant lift over a year ago's Galaxy Tab S4 (6,592) yet a long ways behind what the iPad Air (11,471) and the 11-inch iPad Pro (17,878) accomplished. The normal tablet (5,387) doesn't offer anyplace close to the exhibition of these exceptional gadgets.

We saw comparative outcomes on the 3D Mark Ice Storm Unlimited illustrations benchmark. The Galaxy Tab S6 scored a 77,386, which tops the iPad Air (77,385) by a point. Once more, the Tab S6 demonstrated more dominant than the Galaxy Tab S4 (39,563) and the normal tablet (29,657).The 11-inch iPad Pro, be that as it may, is in an alternate group (105,770).

Battery Life

The Galaxy Tab S6 went on for 8 hours and 58 minutes on our Laptop Mag Battery test, which includes constant web surfing over Wi-Fi at 150 nits.

That is a fairly baffling outcome when you think about that the iPad Air (11:54) and 12.9-inch iPad Pro (13:14) both remained fueled for three extra hours. Indeed, even a year ago's Galaxy Tab S4 (9:34) and the normal tablet (9:11) persevered through longer than the Tab S6.

We are as of now testing the battery life of the 11-inch iPad Pro and will refresh this survey when the outcomes come in.


The 13-megapixel and ultrawide 5MP double focal points on the back of the Galaxy Tab S6 take such great shots that you'll overlook how ungainly you look snapping photographs with a tablet.

The essential 13MP focal point on the Galaxy Tab S6 caught solid detail in a photograph I snapped of the New York City Public Library. I could peruse even the littlest content cut into the columns after I zoomed into the picture.

Notwithstanding, a large portion of the library's veneer is absent in that shot, so I exchanged over the ultrawide 5MP focal point, which had the option to fit nearly the whole working in its casing. Lamentably, the pictures caught on this lower-goals focal point aren't as fresh.

I was content with the clear and exact hues in the photographs I took with the essential focal point, as in a dose of a pink bloom taken at Bryant Park in Midtown Manhattan.

The Galaxy Tab S6's a 8-megapixel forward looking camera additionally takes brilliant photographs, particularly when you utilize the Live Focus mode to make fake foundation obscure. I could see individual strands of hair in my facial hair and my shirt was a precise shade of purple.

Primary concern

Samsung has given us a standout amongst other iPad choices, and when Android tablets are losing steam. The Galaxy Tab S6 is a smooth tablet with a beautiful 10.5-inch show and quick execution. In contrast to the iPad, the Galaxy Tab S6 accompanies a stylus, which would now be able to be charged in an attractive depression on the back of the Tab S6. Samsung additionally improved the Tab S6's other primary adornment - the separable console - giving it a touchpad and a DeX alternate route key.

Discussing which, the DeX work area interface has likewise been changed with the goal that clients can be increasingly beneficial. Those progressions are welcome, however we're as yet not persuaded that the Galaxy Tab S6 makes for a decent workstation elective. In the event that you need a genuine work area experience, we suggest the Microsoft Surface Pro 6.

All things considered, on the off chance that you aren't attached to Apple's environment and you like the possibility of a cross breed portable/work area OS, at that point we emphatically prescribe the Galaxy Tab S6.