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Best Men’s Race Vest

Created related to continuance competitor Rob Krar, the Nathan VaporKrar 2.0 12 liter Race Vest is a lightweight, stable, perfectly sized and brilliantly hued path running pack that effectively swallows all the rigging required for a major outing in the slopes.

Vest fabricThe external texture is delicate and stretchy enabling you to truly stuff the huge pockets full on the off chance that you need additional unit for alterable climate or for longer races. The texture on the back board is thicker and harder yet stays delicate and agreeable.


Water bladderThe vest accompanies a protected hourglass formed bladder intended to limit sloshing when half full. It sits in the principle compartment against the back and is kept upstanding by a velcro lash.

Bladder hose connection

Attractive hose attachmentThe bladder hose can be circled over either shoulder and there is an attractive clasp on the shoulder lash to keep it set up and off the beaten path. This can be moved to either side to suit your inclination.

Inner pressure framework

Vest pressure strapsOn either side of the vest, towards the back, are pressure lashes that fix the vest around the midsection. They can be effectively extricated if conveying a greater burden or fixed for a cozy fit when it isn't completely filled.

Chest lashes

Chest lashes on running vestThere are 2 chest ties that are appended to hardened rails which empower them to slide here and there for a custom fitted fit. They can likewise be fixed or slackened effectively, contingent upon your chest size.

Shoulder lashes

Shoulder lash pocket on trail vestThe shoulder ties are decent and wide which spreads the heap well making an agreeable fit. The additional width likewise enables them to have little zippered pockets on each side – extremely valuable for keys, lip demulcent and so forth. Inside the zip pocket on the correct shoulder is a littler pill pocket to store littler things safely. On the left hand side there is a crisis whistle which is fundamental for wellbeing and those immensely significant race pack checks.

Front reserve pockets

Container pockets on running vestThese pockets are extraordinary for conveying extra water. Or on the other hand, on the off chance that the 1.6 liter bladder included is sufficiently huge, at that point these pockets are perfect for putting away tidbits and simple access things. On the left-hand side there is additionally a water safe zip pocket, intended for putting away your telephone.

Back kangaroo pocket

Trail vest kangaroo pocketThere is a little pocket at the highest point of the sack which closes with a Velcro tab, intended to go about as a speedy stuff pocket for simple access things – a lightweight waterproof coat or a couple of gloves, for instance.

Back pockets

Trail running vest pocketsThere are 2 principle compartments. The one closest the back houses the bladder and is bounty large enough for a couple of more things if necessary. The other pocket sits over the bladder pocket and is gotten to by means of a little hurdle close to the top. This pocket is produced using a too stretchy texture enabling you to convey every one of the basics.

Survey of the Nathan VaporKrar 2.0 12l Men's Race Vest

Running vests appear to be expanding in notoriety over the more conventional style running knapsacks right now – and in light of current circumstances. Having utilized the Nathan Vaporkrar 12 liter vest only now for 5 months during preparing and hustling, it ticks a great deal of boxes for me. With an up and coming ultramarathon, I required a vest fit for conveying the broad obligatory pack required by the race coordinators. What's more, the vest expected to fit the prescription and gear I require for dealing with my diabetes, and a lot of nourishment and water to keep me fuelled and hydrated on what might be a taxing outing in the Lake District fells. It additionally should have been fit-and-overlook agreeable.

At the point when the vest landed in the post, my underlying impressions were great. It felt like a well-made, quality bit of unit that should last a decent scarcely any long periods of running. It was by all accounts a considered, however uncomplicated plan with some remarkable highlights and a lot of flexibility for an ideal fit. I couldn't hold back to go for a run, so I filled it to the overflow, balanced the lashes, and set off out the entryway and onto my neighborhood trails.

The path where I live are generally undulating and lush with some specialized root areas, some precarious downhills, some sand and a lot of mud. The vest went with me on the entirety of my nearby preparing runs and I saw it as truly steady and agreeable when completely stacked just as when totally unfilled. There was not really any development whatsoever contrasted with my old knapsack style running sack or my very much utilized abdomen pack. This is demonstration of the very much considered inside pressure framework and the movable chest lashes which, together, empower you to locate the ideal fit.

Man running in the forested areas

Water limit

For most of my preparation runs, I utilized the vest without the 1.6 liter hydration bladder. Rather I selected to utilize a couple of 600ml delicate containers in the front reserve pockets, contingent upon to what extent I would have been out for. While the bladder and hose connection framework is all around planned and useful, I just didn't necessitate that much water, even on my more drawn out preparing runs. This vest was planned related to Rob Krar. He's situated in Flagstaff, Arizona where the summers are extensively hotter and the scenes are impressively more remote than they are in the UK. So I comprehend why this is a key element, and those sprinters who require a great deal of water out on the path will truly welcome this. You could even utilize both the hydration bladder and two delicate jugs for a sum of 2.8 liters!

Apparatus stockpiling and limit

Notwithstanding numerous long stretches of preparing, I was blessed enough to utilize this vest during my longest race to date: 80km and 4000m of moving over the Lake District, north to south. The obligatory pack list for this race was entirely broad and an immediate aftereffect of the terrible climate conditions experienced in the earlier year. Powerful breezes, driving precipitation and broad flooding on the ground had given this race a notoriety and I was concerned that I wouldn't figure out how to get all the necessary unit and my diabetes gear into the 12 liter Vaporkrar pack – it would have been a crush! Two weeks before the race I had amassed all my pack and thought I'd give it a shot on a preparation run completely stacked.

Nathan Trail Vest on man

Waterproof coat, waterproof pants, foil bivy sack, save protected coat, running tights, cap, gloves, compass, race map, collapsible cup (for the truly necessary checkpoint espresso!), headlamp (and an extra headlamp), telephone, money, lip salve, insulin, blood glucose testing unit and a great deal of nourishment! Shockingly the vest gobbled up this pack effortlessly. The stretchy texture on the enormous pockets empowers you to truly stuff everything into it and the assortment of pockets help to keep all the unit composed and effectively available.

When it was race day, I had the association of my pack dialed and during the race it was astounding having everything precisely where I required it, when I required it. Water; on the chest stash pockets. Nourishment; stuffed all over the place. Diabetes the executives pack; kangaroo pocket. Cap and gloves; kangaroo pocket. Waterproof and protected layers; fundamental back stretchy pocket. I felt truly sorted out and burned through next to no time scrounging through the vest searching for things.

Man running downhill

Picture by Paul Mitchell Photography

Conveying solace

What I hadn't completely considered during an occasion this long is how a lot of the shape and size of the vest would change contingent upon what pack I was utilizing or stowing at some random minute, or how much water and nourishment I'd expended. Over a long occasion this way, in harvest time, the waterproof and warm layers were in and out of the pack always and along these lines the shape and weight of the pack was consistently developing. For the most part, with a progressively customary running rucksack this can make it ricochet around when not full to limit, however with the Vaporkrar's different territories of alteration it was a breeze to modify on the transition to oblige these vacillations. The inner pressure framework, which is flexible on each side of the pack was instrumental in keeping it stable. An extremely extraordinary plan highlight which empowers this vest to be utilized adequately with practically any heap.

I likewise found that it stayed stable over a waterproof coat and the tight perfectly sized shape implied that it could even wear the vest inside my waterproof coat. This empowered me to keep the vest on, and in case of a downpour shower, immediately put my coat on ridiculous, however it might have looked somewhat weird.

This vest performed incredibly and stayed agreeable for the entire race and I would utilize it again for comparative separation occasions decisively.

What I love most about the Nathan Vaporkrar 12 liter vest

The key element that truly makes this vest stand apart for me is the customizability. The two customizable chest lashes with the firm sliding rail, combined with the side-available interior pressure framework, empowers an ideal fit and keeps loads stable when progressing. What's more, the convenience of the various pockets implies you can store your unit any place you like, in a way that truly works for you.

What I don't adore such a great amount about the Nathan Vaporkrar 12 liter vest

It's elusive numerous flaws with this vest however I guess the one problem is that the water-safe pocket on the left shoulder tie was not especially valuable. The inward texture of the pocket appears to have been covered in a slight plastic film to ensure a cell phone or other electronic gadgets, yet as I would like to think this ought to either be totally waterproof or not waterproof by any stretch of the imagination. In stormy climate I was required to put my telephone inside a drybag and afterward into the water-safe pocket as it truly doesn't work superbly at keeping things totally dry.

Man running on trail in orange coat

Picture by Paul Mitchell Photography


In general, I've been extremely cheerful hitting the path with the Nathan VaporKrar 2.0 12 liter Race Vest and with the astounding assembling quality and intense stretchy materials I would like to have the option to depend on it race after race. The interior pressure framework, flexibility and various pockets settle on this a perfect decision for the sprinter who needs one vest for any event: Whether running a ultra-long distance race with an extensive pack list or a 10km preparing go around your neighborhood slopes, regardless of whether you load it up with rigging or keep your run moderate – it'll be steady and agreeable whatever you toss at it.