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It's December, yet at the same time actually summer, so I'm composing this on my back deck, tuning in to the first Sonos speaker worked to be utilized outside. The Move speaks to various firsts for Sonos: It's worked to be utilized outside, it has a battery and it bolsters Bluetooth. These structure decisions mean a speaker that is unmistakably more adaptable than any Sonos has made hitherto. Rather than it living in one spot, I've been trying the Move all over my home, all around.

As a result of this flexibility, everybody who purchases a Move will utilize it in an unexpected way, which makes it precarious to assess. In any case, paying little mind to whether you intend to utilize it inside, in a hurry, in the lawn, or a mix of every one of the three, the Move needs to convey on sound quality, solidness, battery life and remote network. Particularly since it costs $399 - or about twofold the cost of the UE Megaboom 3, which is itself a truly costly Bluetooth speaker. To legitimize that cost the Move needs to do much more, however it needs to do every one of those things well.


Every one of the highlights you'd anticipate from a Sonos speaker

Great sound quality

Strong battery life

First Sonos with Bluetooth

Climate safe and rough structure



Sound quality isn't on a par with different speakers in this value go


In case you're searching for a flexible speaker that works pretty much anyplace you use it, the Sonos Move is an astounding (however costly) choice. It functions as an undeniable Sonos speaker at home and can be utilized in a wide assortment of open air situations, also.

An undeniable Sonos

In spite of everything new about the Move, it'll be very natural to any individual who has utilized a Sonos speaker previously. It's outwardly nearest to the Sonos One, however it's altogether bigger in general. The two speakers share a similar level top with contact touchy controls for playback, volume and the amplifiers. The speaker's six mouthpieces are masterminded up top also, alongside a status light and a mic on/off light.

The Sonos Play:1 (which is indistinguishable in size to the Sonos One) beside the Sonos Move Nathan Ingraham/Engadget

The primary genuine distinction in the Move is the manner by which you plug it in. Rather than utilizing a conventional connector, you drop it in a charging "ring" that forces up the Move's battery through two contacts in the rear of the speaker. This makes it a breeze to assign a home for the speaker, yet keeps it simple to get and bring anyplace you need without tinkering with a power string.

Sonos Move survey

Arrangement is to a great extent indistinguishable from different Sonos items - a couple of steps in the Sonos application for Android and iOS will get your speaker snared to your WiFi organize. On the off chance that you haven't utilized Sonos previously, you'll likewise need to sign in to your favored music gushing administrations. Like other more up to date Sonos speakers, the Move works with Alexa and Google Assistant, so you can set up both of those voice associates in the application also.

As a rule, the Sonos application will incite you to run Trueplay, its speaker-tuning programming, in any event in case you're utilizing an iPhone. Be that as it may, the Move is the first Sonos speaker with Auto Trueplay, which you can turn on or off through the application. Normally, the Trueplay procedure includes waving your telephone all over around the room where your speaker is situated for 45 seconds, so auto tuning is a lot simpler. Trueplay has constantly made the Sonos speakers I've tried sound better,so getting its advantages without the ungainly arrangement is a major success.

As best as my ears can tell, Auto Trueplay carries out its responsibility well. The changes that I've seen are unobtrusive, however it does fix and tidies up the sound, evacuating a "sloppy" quality that appears to originate from solid bass reflections. There's no explanation not to leave it turned on, regardless of whether you don't generally see the progressions it makes. One note, however: ensure the mics are turned on when you move your speaker, else it won't have the option to tune itself.

Sonos Move survey

Inside the house

At the point when associated with your home's WiFi arrange, the Sonos Move works precisely like the organization's different speakers. It can stream music and other sound from many administrations, and you can likewise send tunes to it legitimately through Spotify Connect, Apple Music (by means of AirPlay 2), Pandora and YouTube Music. On the off chance that you possess different Sonos speakers, you can bunch them to play music all over your home, or play various tunes on every speaker simultaneously. What's more, in the event that you have a couple of Moves (which I didn't), you can utilize them to make a stereo arrangement.

I at present have a few different speakers to set the Move against, including the Sonos One, Apple HomePod and Google Home Max. The Move obviously sounds nearest to the One. It has comparative parts: two Class-D intensifiers, one mid-woofer and one tweeter. Both the HomePod and Home Max have different tweeters (the Home Max additionally has various woofers), and both give somewhat more clear and progressively characterized highs just as increasingly particular bass.

Note this doesn't mean the Move sounds awful - not by far. It's an exceedingly well-adjusted speaker that verges on coordinating sound nature of greater speakers with more segments. However, the Move isn't exactly on a par with those speakers. What's more, they cost less as well - both the HomePod and Home Max cost $299. Truly, the Move isn't even essentially superior to the $199 Sonos One. However, is a lot stronger than the One and HomePod, something Sonos says is basic for outside utilization, where sound disseminates significantly more promptly.

As I've just noted, however, the Move is unmistakably more flexible than the normal speaker. I gave it a "command post" in my office where I do the greater part of my tuning in, yet I moved it around numerous times each day. I'd use it in the room while doing clothing, or in the storm cellar to go with some gaming - two rooms where I generally needn't bother with a speaker constantly. I got it and carried it everywhere throughout the house with me for a week and the association never dropped when I moved it around. In case you're not the sort of individual who needs a speaker in each room of your home, the Move bodes well. It's not modest, however it's very less cash than getting five or six Sonos Ones.

Move outside

As convenient for what it's worth to haul the Move around the house, the genuine motivation to get one is to go outdoors. That is the place the Move's solidness (Sonos says it can withstand drops, downpour, day off, temperatures, residue and the sky is the limit from there), battery and Bluetooth capacities truly become valuable. Bluetooth, clearly, is intended for when you're out of WiFi go, be it at the sea shore or exactly at the most distant finish of your lawn. In that last situation, however, there's an opportunity the Move will shock you and remain associated with your WiFi arrange. Sonos says the Move has the most grounded WiFi execution of any speaker it sells, and that remained constant with my testing. I live in a city, so I don't actually have a monster yard to test the Move with - however I took it for a walk around the square, and it clutched the association far longer than I anticipated. In the event that you have an average WiFi arrangement, odds are great that the Move will work in many spots you'll need to utilize it.

What's more, on the off chance that it doesn't, that is what Bluetooth is really going after. There's a catch on the rear of the speaker that changes from WiFi to Bluetooth mode, and the status light goes blue to give you when that switch is made. When you turn on Bluetooth, all the ordinary Sonos highlights leave - multi-room, auto tuning and playback through the Sonos application are altogether crippled. However, in the wake of interfacing your telephone or tablet to the speaker, it'll play back any sound from that gadget you need.

The Bluetooth association quality is strong, also. Subsequent to interfacing my iPhone to the Move, I left the telephone on my third floor and brought the speaker down to the storm cellar, and there was no break in the association. From that point, I left my telephone on the primary floor and took the speaker for a stroll outside. It wasn't in excess of a house before the sign fired separating - the combo of separation and block dividers was rapidly an excessive amount to survive. In case you're utilizing the Move in your mammoth, rich terrace by means of Bluetooth, you ought to have the option to meander with your telephone in your pocket absent a lot of stress, yet in the event that you push it too far things will begin to separate.

The last bit of the outside bewilder is the Move's climate opposition. It's appraised IP56 for water and residue opposition. Sonos said that you could shower the speaker down with a hose and it would work fine. I put the Move in my sink and showered it down and it proceeded without any issues at all. I likewise dropped the Move from around three feet off the ground a few times without an issue - the speaker's weight appropriation implies it for the most part arrives on the thick, well-secured base with an uproarious crash, and it simply kept right on going.

Sonos likewise says the Move works in very low and high temperatures - down to 14 degrees F and up to 131 degrees F (- 10 to 55 Celsius). All the better I could do to test this was to push the Move in my cooler, where it cheerfully played on. Do the trick it to state you can likely utilize the Move in pretty much any sensible condition you'll experience. Sea shore season is finished, so I didn't get the opportunity to attempt that, either. In any case, the IP56 rating implies you shouldn't stress over getting it somewhat sandy. With a little good judgment, the speaker should deal with all that you toss at it - simply don't submerge it in water. It can get splashed down, yet it can't go submerged.

Sonos says the Move can run on battery control for 10 hours, a number I hit in my testing. That is not exactly in the same class as numerous Bluetooth speakers; the UE Megaboom 3 is appraised for 20 hours of playback. Be that as it may, I saw 10 hours as all that anyone could need, particularly given how simple the Move is to charge. I once in a while played in excess of a couple of hours one after another, and the speaker consistently had a lot of juice when I turned it on once more. In the event that it's not being used, it goes into a low-control, rest state when off the charger. That guaranteed it had a charge regardless of whether I hadn't finished it off medium-term. There's a power button on the back to wake it up when you're prepared for more music.

Would it be a good idea for you to get it?

Regardless of whether the Move merits its asking cost relies upon how you intend to utilize it. It's an alternate offer than the majority of Sonos' items, one not founded distinctly on sound quality - its flexibility is similarly as significant. For me, the Move fills a great deal of holes in my sound arrangement. I presently have a simple method to play music on my deck and porch, something I didn't have previously. I additionally have another Sonos speaker to expand my multi-room arrangement, one that can connect an opening any room.

The Move unquestionably functions admirably paying little heed to whether you have different Sonos items, however its combination into that biological system is certainly a selling point. On the off chance that you don't have another Sonos in the house, the worth isn't exactly as clear. On the off chance that you need something to play music outside, a Ultimate Ears item would possess all the necessary qualities for less cash. It won't have a similar list of capabilities, and the Move's WiFi gushing is commonly higher-caliber than what you'll get from Bluetooth - yet you'll spare some money.

In spite of the value, I prescribe the Move to current Sonos proprietors just as the individuals who haven't attempted the organization's speakers previously, with one proviso. You should know without a doubt that you'll exploit the speaker's namesake highlight: the capacity to move it around. In the event that you needn't bother with music outside or as of now have a compact speaker you're content with, there's most likely a superior alternative to get music in your home. A couple of Sonos One speakers costs the equivalent and is a basic method to begin with multi-room sound. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you'd preferably have one speaker that can do everything, inside or outside the house, the Move is a shrewd choice.